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Choosing a Barber

It’s not easy finding great barbers. Anyone can open a barber shop and practice as they go along. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a barbershop I need my cut to be done right. I don’t want barbers practicing on my account.

We found them

We created this site and gathered some of the best barber Shops in the Hartford and surrounding areas. These barbershops were hand-picked because of their commitment to providing top quality service to their customers.




The next time you are searching for a local barber in the Hartford, East Hartford, West Hartford, Manchester area look them up here. If they are good, you will find them here. Know a great barbershop that would like to be listed here? Let them know. We’ll be pay for your referral if they get accepted.

Finding the right barber for your kids first haircut

Is your child getting their first haircut? As parents ourselves, we know how nerve-racking it may be just thinking about is. Not all Barbers can handle a child. Kids move a lot and don’t do well with complete strangers touching their head with load machines. It can put them at risk of creating a more serious trauma for other future barbers. Finding the right barbers at time could be a challenge. You need a barber who works well with toddlers and create a perfect experience that will make you a client for many years to come.

Barbershops who cut kids hair

Some of our listed barbershops are great with kids. In their listing you will see a double ** to let you know they can handle your child’s haircut. Give them a call and setup your child’s first haircut with ease.

See videos of barbers cutting kids hair

Kids & Barbers

Barbershop for kids